January 8, 2021

There is a constant biochemical battle going on in the body to maintain oxidative or reductive balance. If your patient has too much oxidative stress, it could be a major underlying factor in their chronic illness. Most well-known for its role in aging, oxidative stress has been implicated in countless chronic diseases, not limited to Alzheimer’s disease, depression, diabetes, and Parkinson’s. When oxidative stress is rampant and antioxidant enzymes are overwhelmed, it means that mitochondria, DNA, proteins, lipid membranes, and cells are sustaining damage. Cells may die or malfunction. Dysfunctional proteins or DNA can trigger pathology. If rampant oxidative stress is not addressed, it is very difficult to halt or reverse the progression of chronic illness; and other treatments may not have their intended effects.

Precision Point Diagnostics revolutionizes oxidant stress testing with this innovative panel of biomarkers. The Advanced Oxidative Stress profile measures total glutathione, reduced glutathione, F2-isoprostane, and 8-OH-2deoxyguanosine from whole blood and urine specimens.Now you have access to these cutting-edge markers to get an inside look at your patient’s oxidative/reductive (ox-redox) balance. With the results of this test, you can develop a targeted treatment protocol to correct rampant oxidative damage and foster a biochemical environment that makes healing possible.

Listen below to Dr. Cheryl Burdette explain why tracking and treating oxidative stress is important.


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