January 18, 2021

The Precision Point Wellness Panel is a one of a kind panel that combines standard markers such as a chemistry screen and CBC with cutting edge markers that show the rate of oxidative stress, as well as potential damage to the DNA. In a world where higher burdens of oxidative stress put us at risk for cancer, cardiovascular disease, and acute infections such as COVID, now more than ever is the time we should be monitoring our levels. Standard markers that are more routinely looked at once a year are designed for preventive medicine. They are designed to help a clinician make a decision in an urgent situation. They will tell us if there is organ failure or anemia, but they do not typically alert us to cardiovascular risk, inflammatory risk, or nutritional deficiencies.

This panel is one of the best ways to look at oxidative stress because it combines:

· F2-Isoprostane – goes up when there is an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, also as it increases you are less able to utilize omega-3s in the body. In an environment of high F2-Isoprostane, your omega-3s will be damaged, and not get fully incorporated into the myelin sheath or the central nervous system.

· 8-OHdG- When this is up, it means there is more of an environment of oxidative stress which will damage the DNA. DNA damage increases risk of cancer, and lets you know the body is on toxic overload.

· Total Glutathione and Percent Reduced Glutathione – Tells you about your major intercellular antioxidant level, Percent Reduced tells you how much is in the active form ready to work. Precision is the only lab to measure % Reduced.

· GGT – This is a liver enzyme that will go up as your body is attempting to make more glutathione, alerting you to increased need.

· oxLDL – The most predictive marker for risk of heart disease

The Wellness Panel Includes:


· Chem Screen

· Complete thyroid profile with antibodies and reverse T3

· Cardiovascular profile

· Nutrients: Vitamin D, Magnesium

· Reproductive hormones and IGF-1

· Complete oxidative stress markers

– Dr. Cheryl Burdette, ND.


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