January 26, 2021

What is combined reactivity? The answer to this question lies with our Immune Index, a combined reactivity based on IgE, IgG, IgG4 and Complement. Common Allergy or Sensitivity testing only looks at one way the body reacts to foods. However, there are multiple ways the immune system reacts to food, so unless you measure multiple reactions or antibodies, you will miss foods you react to. The Precision Allergy 88 looks at 4 reactions, including IgE (Allergies) IgG (Sensitivities) as well as IgG4, and C3d, all specific to 88 foods. Then, based on each antibody types and their level of reaction, a calculation is done to give the patient their overall reactivity to each food. The Precision Allergy 88 shows your level of reaction based on each antibody, but then also gives a cumulative score, we call this “The Immune Index”. Included in the Precision Allergy 88 is a page that gives your overall reactivity to each food as a cumulative score. This is an innovative approach and tool; in that, it gives the practitioner a sliding scale to take out as many or as few reactive foods as desired from the diet based on their relative level of reaction. Also, rather than basing it on just one type of immune reaction, you are basing it on all types combined. This innovative interpretation continues to make the Precision Allergy 88 a superior tool for patient care. – Dr. Chery Burdette, ND.

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