General Precision Point Diagnostics March 10, 2021

Candida,  The Allergy Amplifier, should be tested alongside other foods because Candida will decrease levels of sIgA.  When sIgA goes down, the body will make more aggressive IgG and IgE titers to foods.  If Candida is left untreated, the gut will continue to be permeable, and low immune function causes IgG and IgE titers to food to stay elevated for longer.  If Candida is left untreated it will drive the part of the immune system that is reactive to mold as well.  Eliminating Candida is critical for better immune tolerance. Read more about it by requesting our “Understanding the Precision Allergy 88 Guide” from our Customer Service department.

– Dr. Cheryl Burdette, ND.

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