General Precision Point Diagnostics April 19, 2024

Announcing the Launch of the Precision Point VIP Program!

Precision Point Diagnostics is excited to announce the launch of the Precision Point VIP Program! This new program is designed to elevate your practice through a partnership with our laboratory that allows you to more effectively administer and interpret our functional laboratory testing.

Highlights of the program include:

  • Discounts on Precision Point Diagnostic Testing 

 Special pricing on any of our testing! Pay a set amount upfront and get 20% off testing of your choice! This includes our new, already discounted Functional Core 4 testing package, comprising the P88 Dietary Antigen Test, the Advanced Intestinal Barrier Assessment, Advanced Oxidative Stress, and Advanced Adrenal Stress profiles.

  • Education provided through small online classes and available to all of your staff 

 With enrollment in the program, you and your staff will have access to classes orchestrated by Dr. Burdette over the course of three months, including lessons on all of our major profiles, as well as treatment suggestions. Also included are once-a-week office hours conducted by Dr. Burdette during the run of the program. 

  • One-on-one case reviews of your selected patients

 Also included are 6 one-on-one sessions with our educational staff to review certain cases selected by you- not just results, but potential treatment programs that consider the patient’s history.

  • Personalized branding of educational materials for your clinic

 Another feature of the program is the personalized branding of test literature with your logo and contact information for tests of your choosing. This literature explains the importance of each test, includes a sample report, and helps interpret results for practitioners and patients alike.

How the program works

Sign up and prepay $7500 for the testing of your choice. This automatically gets you into the VIP program! This entitles you to order tests of your choosing up to $7500 with no additional fees, all at a 20% discount (including Functional Core 4 testing). As a bonus, you receive the small group online classes and the one-on-one case reviews during the length of the program; and the personalized branding of existing educational materials for tests of your choice. We’ll set up a schedule for your classes, and consults, and get to work on your personalized branding!

Limited Time Offer! 

The VIP program is only available to 20 accounts so that we can effectively accommodate participants in a small group setting. Registration opens today and closes June 1st. Act now by calling customer service at  (678) 736-6374 and asking for a Precision Point VIP specialist, or emailing and using Precision Point VIP as the subject.

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