This profile is designed for the functional medicine practitioner as a way to help screen for the most common processes that are often at the root cause of disease. It looks at Zonulin, DAO, Histamine, LPS IgG, IgA and IgM, 8-OHdG, % Reduced Glutathione, Total Glutathione, F2 Isoprostane, Oxidized LDL, HgA1c, hsCRP, & Vitamin D.

This profile looks at the most important markers of:

• Leaky Gut
• Detoxification
• Cardiovascular Disease
• Cancer prevention
• Dementia

By gathering a snapshot of these most important issues all in one profile, a clinician is able to see what process may be most important for that patient. This profile can provide more direction for what to look at in more detail and is a standalone for understanding which direction to treat.

By analyzing markers of the gut that have been implicated in systemic inflammation and autoimmune conditions, this test can be a good fit for a patient with difficult to diagnose symptoms. Similarly, the inclusion of markers of oxidative stress can also assist the physician to target treatment protocols. Combining these markers with vitamin D can be especially effective for certain populations who are known to be prone to having vitamin D deficiencies. Low vitamin D can interact synergistically with oxidative stress, inflammation, cardiac function, and cancer risk.