An Enhanced CMP, CBC, and Thyroid Panel for All of Your Patient Care Needs

A routine comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP) and complete blood count (CBC) just aren’t enough to get the full picture of your patient’s baseline health. With our Comprehensive Screen, you will get the usual information found in a CMP and a CBC, but enhanced with additional thyroid, vitamin D, and serum magnesium markers that are essential to an integrative and functional medicine work-up.

The Precision Point Comprehensive Screen w/Thyroid gives information about thyroid function, including the often overlooked T3 (total and free), T4 (total and free), and thyroid peroxidase antibodies. As well as fundamental nutritional markers, vitamin D and serum magnesium, that tell you about your patient’s immune health.

The Comprehensive Screen is perfect for integrative and functional medicine practitioners who want an expanded routine blood analysis that pairs well with other functional tests. Various break-out profiles can be ordered to monitor the patient’s improvement, as needed.


This screen includes a CBC, Chem Screen, Comprehensive Thyroid Profile w/Antibodies,
Vitamin D, & Serum Magnesium.