General Precision Point Diagnostics January 29, 2024

Precision Point Diagnostics is excited to announce the new P88-DIY Food Allergy/Sensitivity Test, the most patient-friendly food antigen test ever available. This test offers the same comprehensive testing across a range of 88 foods, and still offers analysis not just of IgE, but a range of other markers including C3d, but now in a do-it-yourself format so that the patient can take the test home and sample at their leisure!

No Phlebotomist is required, and nearly painless!

Our revolutionary micro-sampling device combined with our cardstock storage system allows a patient to sample their own blood and apply it to the sample card, without having to go to a draw station, without having to spin any serum down, and without having to ship any samples in dry ice. How? Because we’ve combined the best features of a finger-stick system with a stable storage system and a painless draw system that’s thinner than the standard needle- even small children can be easily sampled!

The P88DIY test offers comprehensive food antigen testing

The P88-DIY Dietary Antigen Test is the only report to combine IgE, IgG, IgG4, and complement (C3d) reactions to 88 foods all with the convenience of a finger stick but better, a powerful micro-sampling device. The P88-DIY looks at 4 ways the body reacts to 88 foods, which means we run 352 independent tests from each sample. Other food sensitivity tests may have a weak scientific basis or they may not give the full picture of food reactions. Some tests use live cell analysis, which is not a scientifically accepted sign of true food sensitivity or allergic reaction. Other antibody assays may measure total IgG antibodies only; they could miss food reactions that activate the inflammatory complement cascade. Still, other tests may measure only a specific IgG subclass and miss out on information about IgG1, IgG2, IgG3, and IgG4, which is reported as total IgG in the P88-DIY Dietary Antigen Test. Results from this test can lead to more precise treatment plans and better patient outcomes. 

Full Report and Interpretation Included

A full, easy-to-understand report of all of your food allergies and sensitivities is included with your test fee. You’ll also receive a patient guide to make sure you know how to read your report and where to go from here. The P88 Dietary Antigen Test interpretive report includes more restrictive and less restrictive elimination diets as well as an analysis of immune reactions by food groups. The P88 Dietary Antigen Test can spotlight the dietary components interfering with your healing. It is the missing piece of the puzzle and can lead to the resolution of previously resistant health problems. If you need additional support, we’re offering an optional additional nutritionist consultation to help you craft a personalized diet for just $39.99! Take charge of your health today, and start on a path to a new you!

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