August 4, 2023

 Sign up for our Gut Based Certification Program! In this program Dr. Cheryl Burdette will take you through a six-week training program.  In this program you will spend half of your time in lecture, and ½ of the time reviewing case studies that you submit on your own patients.  You will be Precision Point Gut Certified upon completion.  This course will cover markers from the Intestinal Barrier Assessment, P88 Dietary Antigen Testing, and Oxidative Stress Markers.  We will look at common questions such as when should I order a food test vs when should I look at stool testing? This is case based and designed to answer your questions, which is how the best learning occurs! 

Why is this Unique? This is not merely a lecture, but this is an open format where you submit your case studies and see how they are answered.  This is always the learning that stays with us the longest – the type we do on ourselves or our own patients.  Repetition of seeing the tests but in different scenarios really helps actualize the learning. 

Healthy Practice Builder.  We find that practices that utilize functional medicine testing are the practices that tend to thrive. Why does testing matter? 

When patients see evidence about what they are experiencing, they are more likely to stay motivated to do what it takes to do well.  This improves patient outcomes.   

Also, functional medicine testing allows you to rule in and rule out underlying causes for various diagnosis, signs and symptoms.  Testing ensures you are utilizing the most appropriate and efficient path to wellness.  It’s the biochemical roadmap to a patient’s success. 

 Finally, testing guides appropriate length of treatment.  Many times, an obstacle to a patient for getting well is they feel overwhelmed by “too much stuff.”  Testing gives us the lens to provide directed treatment improving outcomes and streamlining cost.  

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