April 16, 2024

15 Years of Precision Point Diagnostics!

Precision Point Diagnostics has been proud to be instrumental in the functional laboratory movement. Watch the video below to hear more from Dr. Burdette about our origins and passion for functional medicine.

This year we celebrate 15 years of functional laboratory offerings at Precision Point Diagnostics! Listen to co-founder Dr. Cheryl Burdette, ND talk about her history in functional medicine and as a founder and educational director at Precision Point Diagnostics. Discover our origins, our mission, and why we’ve developed and continue to offer cutting edge functional laboratory testing to providers around the world.

So what is functional laboratory testing, and why are we still passionate about it? Functional laboratory testing developed as a way to meet the needs of functional medicine practitioners, and concurrently with it. Functional medicine takes the best of the research and science based practice of medicine, and instead of focusing just on “curing” a particular ailment, it focuses on the whole person, prevention, emphasizing mechanisms that support the body’s own healing potential, and intervenes with supplements, medicines, and therapies where necessary. One major benefit of functional and integrative medicine is that patients are not rushed through a 15-20 minute appointment by various assistants with no chance to really talk to a doctor- who will listen. Because of the rise of functional medicine, there was a similar rise in the desire for testing that was a little deeper and offered more nuanced thresholds of measurement than much of the conventional testing available. Innovation has meant both novel markers, and panels that explore more fundamentally the root of various conditions.

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