General Precision Point Diagnostics April 30, 2021

This profile is designed for the functional medicine practitioner as a way to help screen for the most common processes that are often at the root cause of disease.

This profile looks at the most important markers of:

· Leaky Gut

· Detoxification

· Inflammation

· Glycation

· Cardiovascular Disease

· Cancer prevention

· Dementia

By gathering a snapshot of these most important issues all in one profile, a clinician is able to see what process may be most important for that patient. This profile can provide more direction as to what to look at in more detail and is a standalone for understanding which direction to treat.

This profile was designed to help look at core areas that are of concern. By being able to evaluate all these areas at one time, you can decide which area of focus is most important for your patient and what treatment will be most useful to their unique presentation.

– Dr. Cheryl Burdette, ND.

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