Brick & Mortar Draw Stations

Mobile Phlebotomy


TravaLab is an option for Mobile Phlebotomy. ALL COSTS ARE TO BE PAID BY THE PATIENT.
- $75 for single collection kit for blood. $50 for each additional kit.
- Mileage fee post 25 miles round trip at .59 cents/mil.

*TravaLab works independently from Precision Point Diagnostics. Any issues with scheduling or collection must be addressed directly with TravaLab.

Information about brick-and-mortar draw stations as well as mobile phlebotomy is a courtesy for practitioners who don't have a phlebotomy station, or for those who have out-of-area patients who need assistance with sample collection. This information is not intended to be used by individuals who are independently submitting specimens without the order of a practitioner. All testing done at Precision Point Diagnostics requires an order qualified to order testing in their area. Of course, we will accept shipments from qualified practitioners utilizing their own draw stations or phlebotomists. Draw stations or phlebotomy are only required for tests that require whole blood or plasma. Dried blood, urine, stool, and saliva samples can be collected at home by the patient after doctor's order.